Tony Carter , Male 40-50

Brilliant detective who lost his faith and turned to alcohol after the disappearance of his daughter 10 years prior.

Now a new case pushes him closer t to losing everything.

Julie Carter , Female 40-50

The cornerstone of the Carter marriage after the loss of their daughter.

The latest case her husband has taken on and the spiral he has descended into may be too much for her to handle.

Anne Carter , Female 10-13

Daughter of Tony and Julie. She is a care free and spirited young girl.

Jim Stone , Male 30-50

Long time partner and close friend of Tony.

LT Barnes , Female 50-60

Tony's boss. She is tough but very loyal and protective of her detectives.

Traveler , Male 20-40

Mysterious individual. When he speaks, it's with authority.

Chris Dunn , Male 20-30

A small time drug dealer who loves to party.

Trevor, Male 20-30

An evil brute of a man. Runs a brothel.

Amber, Female 18-24

Kidnapped victim forced to work in a brothel.

Nancy Richland, Female 40-60

Mayor of a small rural town.

 Her daughter Deborah has recently gone missing.

Deborah Richland, Female 15-18

Kidnapped daughter of Nancy.

Pastor John, Male 40-60

Tony and Julie's pastor.

Sheriff, Male 40-60

Rural sheriff of a neighboring town.

 Enjoys the quiet life of his town.

Calvin, Male 20-30

A father traveling through town with his family.

Wendy, Female 20-30

Calvin's Wife

Lily, Female 8-12

Calvin and Lily's daughter. No lines.

Cindy, Female 20-30

A kidnapped victim who has been turned by her kidnappers to assist them.

Bill, Male 20-30

Works with Cindy to find and kidnap new girls for Trevor.

Teresa Goodwind, Female 13-16

A young lady kidnapped as she is headed home from the park.

Mr. Goodwind, Male 30-60

Teresa's father.

Mrs. Goodwind, Female 30-60

Teresa's mother.

Karen, Female 50-70

An ex-college teacher that befriended the Carter family. Recently retired to her ranch.

Dr. Graham, Male/Female 40-70

Family therapist trying to help Tony and Julie with their issues.

Jan Stevenson, Female 40-70

Local high school  principal.

Jerry/Jane Vance, Male/Female 40-70

Local on scene reporter.

Beth, Female 30-40

Church member.

Maid, Female 30-40

Walter/Lisa, Male/Female 30-70

Local television newscaster.

Hotel Manager, Male/Female 30-70

Teacher, Male/Female 30-60

Male Clients, Male 30-60

Kidnap Victims, Male/Female 13-28

Students, Male/Female 13-17

Police Officers, Male/Female 20-60

Detectives, Male/Female 25-60


Thugs, Male/Female 20-40

The Field focuses on the subject of human trafficking. While there will be no nudity or profanity in the film, there will be situations shown to imply the terrible nature of the subject.

For example, one scene will show an older man exiting a room as he is buttoning the last button on his shirt. As Tony enters the room, a young girl of 16 is huddled under a blanket in the corner of a bed.


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540 SE Main St

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May 19th, 10:00 AM - 3:00PM

David Twitchell

Jerry Smart

Justin Johnson

The Field



75 Minutes

Winston, OR

Douglas County, OR


Winston, OR 97496

If you live in or close to Douglas County and you wish to audition, please contact us with the part(s) you are seeking.

Sides will be emailed as needed.